The Problem

Why your business needs enhancement

Small businesses depend on many systems to operate including:

Telephone Systems (PBX), Telephone Service, Email, Internet Service, Fax, Printers, Networks (wired and wireless), Workstations/laptops/mobile devices, Servers, Industry Specific Applications

Unfortunately, most small businesses seldom have the knowledge or expertise to install and maintain these systems or to troubleshoot problems when they arise. The systems are highly dependent on one another to function properly. If email isn't working, the problem could be in the local computer, local network, the Internet connection or the email provider's service.

And so that means that any one system is broken up into being controlled by many different services.

The main problem is that None of these entities has overall responsibility for the systems working. They are only responsible for their part of the system. Returning to the example of your E-mail not working, your local IT person may be responsible for the local Email client and the local network, Charter may be responsible for the Internet connection, and the Email provider is responsible for their remote Email server. None of them is responsible for the overall function of the E-mail system. In other words, if each determines that their portion of the system is working properly, there is little else they can do.

This lack of overall responsibility leads to another problem as well. In order to minimize the potential for problems, each part of the system needs to be configured in a way that will allow it to work most efficiently with every other part of the system. This is difficult when each part of the system is configured independently, often without the knowledge or participation of the parties configuring the other parts of the system. Typically, none of the parties involved has the ability, authority, or incentive to review the configuration of all the parts of the system to ensure they work well together.

This lack of overall responsibility is especially harmful when problems arise. Everyone wants to make sure their customer (the small business owner) is happy (i.e. can send and receive Email) but no one has overall responsibility for the Email as a whole. The result is that when problems arise, there is tremendous pressure to implement any solution to get the customer back in service. Frequently this leads to misdiagnosis of the underlying issue and results in the same problem a short time later. None of the parties involved is typically willing or able to spend the time required to determine and implement a better solution that might prevent similar problems in the future. If the parties responsible for fixing the problem are billing by the hour, this may even lead to a perverse incentive not to implement a better solution.


The Solution

IT the Systems Enhancement way

Systems Enhancement solves this problem by taking responsibility for all of your company’s systems. Telephone, Email, Computers, Network, etc. If your business depends on it, we make sure it works. We actively monitor and manage all your systems to ensure they are working properly at all times. If something isn’t working the way it is supposed to, you don’t have to call multiple providers and try to figure out what’s wrong, you call us, and we take care of it. Why is this a better way? First, we are responsible for every part of the system, we configure each of them to work together as efficiently as possible. Second, if problem requires us to communicate with another party (for example an Internet service provider or an equipment manufacturer) we speak their language and can work with them to quickly devise and implement the best solution. Third, since we are ultimately responsible for all your systems, we have only one goal; to make sure your systems work.

How do we do it?

We employ industry best practices and standards to configure all parts of your system so it operates as reliably and efficiently as possible. We monitor and proactively manage your systems to ensure they are operating properly and prevent problems. We work remotely to ensure we can quickly address problems and minimize any disruption to your business.